Operational oceanography is the activity of routinely making, disseminating and interpreting measurements of the seas, oceans, coastal estuaries and atmospheric parameters. Observing systems are maturing all over the world. Rates of capture of data from satellites and in the water directly are rapidly increasing. Over the next twenty years, the need to understand and forecasting the aquatic environments and their resources will be increasingly important. Save and sustainable navigation, the exploitation of marine resources and the safeguarding of both local and global marine environments will all depend on this enhanced capacity. The new field of operational oceanography is therefore expected to grow to meet these needs, providing operationally useful information for a wide range of users and customers about the present and/or the future state of the sea and estuaries. There is a need for long term ocean observations to address these issues. The data will be used for numerical weather prediction and to improve the safety and efficiency of marine operations. They will help to monitor and predict climatic variability, preserve and restore healthy marine ecosystems, and to manage living marine resources for sustainable use. 

This operation will further help to mitigate the effects of natural coastal hazards, while being used to monitor the effects of pollutants and their effects on water quality.

This course provides students of oceanography with relevant knowledge for;

-Deployment and recovery of oceanographic instruments in the offshore environment using vessels opportunity.

-Offshore and onshore (coastal estuaries) data collection programmes

-Improve Health Safety Environment (HSE) performances in aquatic operations.

- It is a support for the exploration, development, production and transportation of the world’s natural resources in oceans and seas.

 The objectives of the course are to provide:

– A broad overview of metOcean Monitoring System, the sensors used, their measuring principles;

– A broad overview of metOcean campaigns and systems infrastructure requirement;

– A broad overview of data acquisition and data processing.